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Capital Campaign

For your church leadership we provide experienced consultation helping determine readiness and direction for a CAPITAL FUNDS CAMPAIGN to build, expand, renovate or retire debt.

Our dedicated team will partner with you from campaign launch to completion with a compassionate consulting relationship at a fraction of the cost of outside firms.

We provide a feasibility study, planning tools, guided strategy, leadership training, ongoing support and gentle follow-up during the three year life of the campaign.

One church leader wrote, “With the guidance of the NAB Foundation Team, we got the message out clearly and effectively.  We over-achieved our campaign goal by 20% which means we’ll need less debt to expand and renovate our church and be able to channel more money into ministry instead of interest payments.”

For more than 15 years, the NAB Foundation has helped NAB Churches fund or over fund their capital campaigns.

All of those who launched a campaign have reached their goals!

We will partner with you from launch to completion by providing:

  • In-depth consulting and guidance in raising funds to build, renovate or retire debt.
  • A feasibility study to determine church’s ability, need, and desire for a capital campaign
  • Detailed resources to aid in your church’s capital campaign

Contact the Foundation office at (630) 613-9365 to find out more or to schedule an initial phone consultation.

NAB Foundation Services Included in a Capital Campaign Consultation (12/2015)

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