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Personal Finances

The North American Baptist Foundation can help your church family obtain financial freedom. The Foundation was established to help people make the best choices possible with the resources God has given them. You can trust us to provide the very best in stewardship services for your congregation.

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By participating in a Stewardship Sunday, with a Personal Finances component, your church will receive:

  • Support for the stewardship teaching of your church
  • Encouragement in the area of biblical giving
  • Practical steps to becoming and staying debt-free
  • Education on the importance of an estate plan as part of Christian stewardship

If your option includes Estate Design, each participant will have the opportunity for individual confidential appointments.

The information shared in this seminar is applicable for all life-stages: single, married, employed, unemployed, retired.  Regardless of income or financial situation, participants will take away sound biblical principles good for a lifetime.

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