For a pastor or church leader, money matters are often the hardest to engage. Yet, now more than ever, Christians need to take stock of how they are handling their finances and if they are honoring God with the way they budget, spend and save.

True discipleship includes biblical financial stewardship.  Frankly, without it, a disciple’s spiritual DNA is incomplete.  The NAB Foundation wants to help you develop faithful disciples who are also wise stewards of the resources God has given them.  In doing so, you will see individuals become debt free and understand the true meaning of living generously.

We provide three key services to North American Baptist Churches:

  1. Personal Finances.  The Foundation offers a training course to equip individuals with the principles of biblical financial management.  The goal of this seminar is to help people get out of debt and maintain a debt-free lifestyle.
  2. Estate Design. The NAB Foundation offers an Estate Planning seminar followed by private, confidential consultation for interested individuals.  We walk participants through the estate design process from start to finish.
  3. Capital Campaign Assistance.  We help your church plan for and implement a capital campaign according to sound, honorable and biblical-based financial principles.

A Stewardship Weekend can include three sessions: Personal Finances, Estate Design and a Worship Service Stewardship Emphasis. You may choose all three or one session. Click on this link for an overview of the components in a Stewardship Weekend.

Click on this link to view a short video called Pathway to Financial Freedom introducing our NAB Foundation services.

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