Capital Campaign Assistance

As chairman of the Brentview Baptist (Calgary) capital campaign, it gives me great pleasure to endorse the work of the North American Baptist Foundation in providing us with the planning tools and support to run our recent $2 million Capital Campaign. With the energetic help of Phil Yntema, the savvy experience of Connie Salios and God’s great blessing, our campaign was a tremendous success. Our church was ready for this campaign and, with the guidance of the NAB Foundations team, we got the message out clearly and effectively.

God did the rest by opening up the hearts of our membership to the extent that we over-achieved our campaign goal by 20%! That means we’ll need less debt to expand and renovate our church and be able to channel more money into ministry instead of interest payments.

Our church has been richly blessed over the course of our Capital Campaign and the NAB Foundation played an important role in making it happen.

Marc S.

Personal Finance Seminars

Grace Church, in Racine, WI, has been helping the Church body deal with the pull of our culture which attacks different people in different ways. Grace has offered personal financial courses as part of the Adult Sunday School curriculum and during weekend seminars for married couples and others for years. The Care Ministry offers one-on-one counseling to people with severe financial problems. The basic goal is to improve the financial health of the Church body through biblically based financial planning. In many cases, there are other underlying issues causing the financial problems that can only be addressed through counseling.

Numerous individuals have grown stronger in their faith and in their family life through the Foundation’s Personal Finances Seminar and program. A number of individuals have been trained as counselors in this area. This is a key part of the Care Ministry at Grace.

Edgar H.

I highly recommend the Personal Finances and Estate Planning Seminars taught by Dr. Phil Yntema. Both courses are very practical, informative, and helpful. Many people in our church were greatly encouraged by the Biblical instruction they received. I feel certain our church giving will increase as a result of these courses. I’m so glad we invested the time in making these courses available to our congregation.

Larry B.

The Personal Finances Seminar that I took with my wife in November of 2003 really opened my eyes to the proper way a Christian should manage their money. We have seen and heard of several different budget courses, but none approach it from a Godly point of view. We have set a budget and are adjusting it accordingly as time goes on, but we are excited to finally have a plan to manage our money and feel good about it.

Dr. Phil Yntema gave the course we took and he did a wonderful job. I’ve know Dr, Phil for several years and I trust that he would not have us use a system that did not work or was not according to God’s plan.

I also was very impressed by the other gentleman that was there who retired when he was 40. It takes a lot of diligence and persistence to attain what he did. Dr Phil helped us realize that we are all prone to worldly thinking about our money and that we need to think about it from a godly perspective. It will take a while for us to completely change the way we think, but having an accountability partner who has been where we are really helps.

I look forward to attaining our goal of being able to manage our money wisely instead of our money managing us.

Zane O.

This was a life changing course for my wife and I. It was extremely practical and Biblical at the same time. We are saving and giving for the first time in our married lives.


We came here wondering if there was any hope for us. When we completed our home work, we discovered we had a $457 shortfall in our monthly income to expenses with no giving to God. The course helped us rethink our priorities and redo our budget so that in a couple of years we will be debt free. We also started sacrificial giving.


This was the most practical course I have ever taken. We have always lived debt free but never applied biblical principles to our entire income. We are discovering generous giving and saving like we have never done before.

We are grateful that someone finally helped us begin to get out of a situation that was going to destroy our marriage. For the first time we were able to discuss our differences and make a plan to get on the same page.


My husband and I recently completed the NAB Foundation’s Personal Finances Seminar and we have to say that it was nothing less than life changing. The course taught us practical; God centered ways to budget our money and taught us how to become virtually debt free.

The seminar was made available to us at a point in our lives when we were barely “staying afloat” financially. Phil, our instructor, provided us with knowledge and affirmation of financial ideas that will not only give us financial security, but will also allow us to achieve financial goals we never thought possible. Being new believers, we never thought about what God had to say about our finances. We feel blessed that this seminar opened our eyes and hearts to our duties as trustees of God’s gifts.

We would highly recommend this seminar to anyone, whether they are burdened with debt or debt free. This course taught us how important it is to give back to God. We learned that this is the basis of true financial freedom.

Julianne & Steven Y.

Just want to thank you for being here this past weekend and leading us to put the practical feet on the Gospel that has changed our lives. I and many others here have benefitted for your coming and I want to follow up and plan to have you come again next year and build on the momentum. I am sure we will have some testimonies of victory and blessing from God. Thank you for setting up appointments and for giving time to us so we walk in integrity with God and ourselves and the church. Great Job!!!!


Often the most feared subject to preach and teach on is the “S” word (Stewardship). Dr. Phil Yntema presented a fresh appeal to timeless stewardship truths. It caught your attention big time!

People of every age more fully understood the privilege and joy of being part of the body of Christ and how that relates to Christian stewardship.

The Personal Finances Seminar is both scripturally and educationally solid in foundation and the understanding of stewardship. It was fast moving and very practical. You left with tools to put a God honoring plan in place.


I wanted to let you know how blessed we were to have met you and to have been a part of the seminar on Saturday. The Lord really opened our eyes to see how much we need to have a budget and that it is possible to get through this hurdle we are in.

Although, we have a long journey ahead of us and sometimes it may be stormy, we know that God is faithful and He will carry us through.

Thank you for allowing our Heavenly Father to use you as a vessel for His Kingdom.

A couple from Illinois

When people ask me the value of being in our denomination, I am now able to point to the NAB Foundation as an invaluable resource in helping us navigate through the issues of financial feasibility around our building project and in ‘raising the bar’ of stewardship among our congregation.” – Lyle B.

I got a lot out of the financial planning session and have put my spending plan into action. I have seen results already and I am amazed at how easy it was to do.

Marge W.