Careers at NAB Leadership Foundation
About Us
Careers at NAB Leadership Foundation
About Us
Careers at NAB Leadership Foundation
About Us

Our mission is to develop leaders, advance diversity and highlight the community service initiatives of our industry.

The broadcast industry is changing and the NAB Leadership Foundation is dedicated to developing the programs and opportunities to foster that change. From experienced broadcast professionals to people looking for a place to start, we encourage you to join us in building a more innovative, vibrant and diverse future.

Our industry’s future depends on great people and the NAB Leadership Foundation is where the future gets started. We hope you will join us!

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Expertise and Values

To provide the greatest and most dynamic solutions to our industry, we must stay at the forefront of emerging trends and leadership challenges. Our monthly newsletter, The Lead, helps you keep your finger on the pulse and inspire you to become a strong leader.

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Our Core Values


We believe in building an industry anyone can be a part of. Our mission is to build a more diverse and an inclusive future, together. We hope you’ll join us.


Our industry supports 2.42 million jobs in all 50 states. The stories told by broadcasters are enjoyed by audiences around the world, accounting for over $10 billion generated by local radio and television stations in community service in a single year. We are committed to building a diverse industry to better serve diverse local communities throughout the country.


We are the voice for the future of the broadcast industry, a community of current and aspiring leaders at the nexus of storytelling, innovation, ideas and creativity. The future of our industry depends on the passion and ideas of leaders from a wide array of backgrounds, skills, geographies and pursuits.


We believe in the promise of tomorrow and are committed to the innovations, technology and aspirations that will shape a bright future for broadcasters who reflect the diverse communities they serve.

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