Paloma Johnson-Walker

Paloma Johnson-Walker

Education Program Coordinator

As the Education Program Coordinator, Paloma ensures all our programs and initiatives exceed participant expectations and help shape the future of broadcasting.

From matching mentors with college students to analyzing speaker and program evaluations, Paloma specializes in managing our programs and supporting the workforce of our industry. With over 40 program participants, Paloma works with individuals, partners and institutions to improve the quality of our program content and finding the best ways to expand program experiences outside the classroom.

As the NAB Leadership Insights podcast producer, Paloma is dedicated to giving the people who work in our industry a platform to discuss the industry’s future. She ensures the podcast provides leadership and industry insights and empowers students to display their expertise and knowledge.

When Paloma isn’t developing our future programs, you can find her supporting her NBA team, the Washington Wizards, producing podcasts or whipping up a delicious matcha tea.

Why do you enjoy working for the NAB Leadership Foundation?

I enjoy working for the NAB Leadership Foundation because of the people we serve and the experiences we create. I get to be inspired by college students with dreams of making a difference in broadcasting and to learn from top-level executives who are making that difference. This job is more than a job for me: it aligns with my mission to increase diversity in the communities we serve and every day I get to work with a great team of genuine people who know that the future of broadcasting is necessary and vital.

Curious to learn more about our programs or application process? Reach out to Paloma to learn more about program development and how these programs help shape the future of broadcasting.