Tim Dotson

Tim Dotson

Director of Development

With over 25 years working in the broadcasting industry, Tim knows a thing or two about broadcast sales and management. As the Director of Development, Tim takes the lead on the fundraising, sponsorships and donation funding that help support our programs, initiatives and events.

From Hearst Television (WBAL-TV) to Allbritton Communications (WJLA-TV), from Scripps Howard Broadcasting (WMAR-TV) to Sinclair Broadcast Group (WBFF-TV and WJLA), Tim understands what it takes to stand out in this industry to meet and exceed sales revenue goals.

Tim works closely with industry-specific and related businesses to identify partnership opportunities and help both sides reach business goals together. From recruiting the next generation of sales professionals or securing your seat at the Celebration of Service to America Awards, Tim works tirelessly to ensure your organization and brand is involved and exposed to the current and aspiring leaders of our industry.

When Tim isn’t capitalizing on the Foundation’s funding and future, you can find him spending time with his family or catching up on the latest binge-worthy television series.

Why do you enjoy working for the NAB Leadership Foundation?

I enjoy working for the Foundation because in my role as director of Development, I have the opportunity to collaborate with all broadcast groups. I work with executives from every broadcast company, creating partnerships that involve their people in our programs. It is a true win/win, as they benefit by providing leadership training to their own people while supporting the Foundation. When I reach out to a broadcaster or a broadcast-related vendor with an opportunity and they say, “This is perfect, just exactly what we have been looking for,” it makes my day.

Looking to partner with the NAB Leadership Foundation or want to learn more about our programs, initiative and events? Reach out to Tim to learn more about how we are shaping the future of broadcasting.