First Time Manager Series
First Time Manager Series
First Time Manager Series

Program Overview

The First Time Manager Series is designed to help new and aspiring leaders find the potential in themselves and their team by refining their skillset and leading a high-performing team. From the power of delegation to addressing real-world leadership challenges, this extensive course gives you the tangible skills and resources to cultivate a successful team and reach your goals together.

Become a versatile leader by immersing yourself in the new responsibilities, challenges and self-evaluations it takes to lead your team to success.


Communication matters

Communication matters. Understand personal motivational drivers, communication styles and leadership approaches to establish unique managerial style.

Management approach matters

Management approach matters. Apply and refine your individual management style to solve specific challenges and address situations.

Delegation matters

Delegation matters. Handle stressful and demanding situations through delegation and effective communication.

Confidence matters

Confidence matters. Distinguish the key differences between the role of an individual contributor and what it takes to be an effective leader.

Teamwork matters

Teamwork matters. Develop and demonstrate a conflict resolution process to avoid miscommunication and help your entire team run efficiently and effectively.

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