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Media Sales Academy
Media Sales Academy
Media Sales Academy
Media Sales Academy

Behind every news segment, popular sitcom or morning radio show is a team of media sales professionals working to help companies and organizations meet their business objectives and goals through media sales.

What is media sales?

A career in media sales means you are generating revenue by identifying and assisting clients with growing their businesses. Sales professionals sell advertising space distributed across many communication platforms such as television, radio and the internet. Through customized advertising or media campaign packages, media sales professionals work with a range of businesses to fulfill their clients' needs and goals. These needs and goals could include a campaign for a large regional or national brand or a local shop looking for more extensive exposure. From selling ads that air during the Super Bowl to helping a local business increase brand awareness, a career in media sales promises to be exciting and rewarding.

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Kickstart your career at Media Sales Academy

Participants in the Media Sales Academy receive a fully paid professional development program (including cost of travel), which offers leadership exposure, networking, and fun.

During this six-month hybrid career development program, you will receive training from leading broadcast sales organizations, and learn from top media executives.

This year, the heart of the student experience will be paid internships at local stations. The foundation is seeking qualified applicants who are eager to receive training and mentorship for starting their career path in media sales. Those interested in entry-level jobs will have the opportunity to participate in a career fair with broadcasters nationwide, offering a valuable platform to connect with industry professionals and explore various career opportunities.

Where can a career in media sales lead you?

Explore this career road map to see how this program will set you up for a successful career in media.

Start Preparing For Your Future

stand out from your peers

Build Your Resume.
With a certificate from the Media Sales Academy, you will be more attractive to employers and prove that you have the skills and knowledge to join any media sales team.

Network with sernior media executives

Network with top media executives.
With executives of major media companies as your faculty, you will have the unique opportunity to network and build relationships with successful professionals who have been in the industry for years. You will also be assigned a mentor to help guide you through coursework and get started in the industry.

Sales competition

Showcase your skills and expertise.
Get the chance to win extra cash in a pitch competition against your peers. Everyone starts somewhere, and what better way to differentiate yourself than to practice and perfect your pitch in front of potential employers?

Combine what you know with who you know

Participants attend an exclusive career fair with top media companies where you will showcase your newly acquired skills and start making plans for life after graduation.

Do I Qualify?

This program is open to all rising college juniors and above who are interested in a career in media sales. Read more about our program guidelines and find out where to apply.

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